Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's brief radom post

Spring Break

I finally get a chance to nap and write some beer reviews. I really need to write them down when I find them. Summit Maibock is out, and it's not even Spring yet. Since I wont be in school the next week, I'll have time to practice my stenography, go to Monday evening karate class, and get the Propers down. I'll even get a better look at the Liturgies of Sts. Isidore & Leander, Germanus of Paris, and the Sarum use.


I never watch them. They're a vain, self-congratulatory pat on the back for welfare recipients who are over-sexed, over-paid, over-pampered, under-brained, and would be waiting tables if they weren't famous. There was some hubbaloo over the Family Guy. He's also jumped the shark.


I have mixed feelings about them. Yeah they're libertarians like me; but unlike me, they hate religion. Penn (the one who talks) would also make a Sailor say he swears too much. They had/have a show called "BS" on Showtime where they attack things they don't like: Unions; Walmart haters; Communism; The Vatican; the Boy Scouts; and Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and The Dalai Lama. My Catholic Cavebuddies would've found the last two hard to take. Ironically they also had a show called "Penn & Teller Tell a Lie" where they made one thing up and you had to guess what it was. Sometimes I think they're the same show. But at least I know where they stand.

From Grammar Nazi class

"It's" is to show a short cut to "It is" and "Its" shows possession. That is how the Courts do it.

On my blog detractors

I don't like my blog either.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Someone doesn't like my blog

Oh, I just HAVE to share this. Uh, I never claimed to be a teacher or that this blog was ever good. It's supposed to suck. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. It's about what I like from beer to pro rasslin'. I wonder if this guy is the same kind of people whom act like we're "intruding" when we visit their church? I'm glad to not be on the "royal path" and part of the "One True Church." He can bugger off.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Divine Liturgy of Saint Germanus of Paris

It's not the original but a reconstruction based on surviving fragments and historical evidence on what people were doing at the time. In any rate, you may listen to it (in French) here, and read the text (in English) here. As you can see and hear, it's got a good dose of Western and Eastern style in it, either because of the original or the reconstructors. In any rate, it was revived by the Russian Church, and most notably St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, who has a parish named after him in Des Moines, IA who celebrates this very Liturgy. There are also Old Calendarist jurisdictions that worship with this Liturgy

My annual SAINT Valentine's Day post

First a h/t to Steve the Builder,

Pithless Thoughts: Valentine's Day Redux. 

Next, since I used to work in the Novus Ordo church, I was just thinking the day before Pope Benedict announced his resignation that 85 should be the mandatory retirement age for the Bishop of Rome. Apparently, he had the same idea.

Here's the scoop of St. Valentine of Rome.