Thursday, May 23, 2013

My thoughts on tattoos.

Christ is Risen!

I still don't have time to blog. My thoughts on them: I don't like them. I personally know quite a few people who have them and they run the gamut. Military types like Cavey have them. Coptic Christians have them as some cultural indicator. Hawaiians and other cultures have them. That said, even though people I love and respect have them, I don't care for them. I really don't like them on women because it sends a message. That message is of desperation when I see a middle aged women with a new tramp stamp.

Therefore I present this articleon the subject from a self-described 23-year-old who is already an old fogey. I haven't read this bright young man's full blog yet, therefore I can't tell if he belongs to either an Orthodox jurisdiction, the Anglican one, or the Roman one. I do like what I see so far. Oh to be that young again. I had a lot more time to write.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Paschal Greeting 2013

Blessings upon you. Tonight all over the world, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. I have already completed one Western Style Vigil from Lancelot-Andrewes Press Book of Common Prayer (stopping short of the Mass) and will attend a Russian style service in about 90 minutes. Tomorrow, I will finally have pancakes.

Christ is Risen!