Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's brief radom post

Spring Break

I finally get a chance to nap and write some beer reviews. I really need to write them down when I find them. Summit Maibock is out, and it's not even Spring yet. Since I wont be in school the next week, I'll have time to practice my stenography, go to Monday evening karate class, and get the Propers down. I'll even get a better look at the Liturgies of Sts. Isidore & Leander, Germanus of Paris, and the Sarum use.


I never watch them. They're a vain, self-congratulatory pat on the back for welfare recipients who are over-sexed, over-paid, over-pampered, under-brained, and would be waiting tables if they weren't famous. There was some hubbaloo over the Family Guy. He's also jumped the shark.


I have mixed feelings about them. Yeah they're libertarians like me; but unlike me, they hate religion. Penn (the one who talks) would also make a Sailor say he swears too much. They had/have a show called "BS" on Showtime where they attack things they don't like: Unions; Walmart haters; Communism; The Vatican; the Boy Scouts; and Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and The Dalai Lama. My Catholic Cavebuddies would've found the last two hard to take. Ironically they also had a show called "Penn & Teller Tell a Lie" where they made one thing up and you had to guess what it was. Sometimes I think they're the same show. But at least I know where they stand.

From Grammar Nazi class

"It's" is to show a short cut to "It is" and "Its" shows possession. That is how the Courts do it.

On my blog detractors

I don't like my blog either.


Jason said...

Ever tried any beers from North Carolina?

Anonymous said...

I'll be putting up a Hispanic rite Missa Sicca that's useful for daily service online soon. I'll let you known when it's up.