Thursday, December 13, 2012

Union Thugs are bad guy wrestlers

I can't wait for the semester to end. It has taken up most of my free time; so much that I've had little time to blog or read blogs. I look at what is going on in my neck of the woods with Michigan becoming a "Right to Work" State and the Leftist thugs being their usual Fascist, violent, and vulgar selves. Let's see, they've: physically assaulted Steven Crowder, tore down the tent of Americans for Prosperity while people were still in it, tried to break into government buildings, and destroyed a man's Hot Dog Stand while calling him the N-word. I thought Unions claimed to be looking out for the "little guy"? Is there a Hot Dog Stand Union?

Being from the Great Lakes area, I was raised by the AWA, Gilligan's Island and Kung Fu with David Carridine. My gummit Union Thug and heretic Father was a bare-minimum parent at best leaving me and my siblings at the mercy of our abusive feminazi heretic mother (who hates everything about Orthodoxy that we love). Therefore I learned about being a man from Da Crusher, Superstar Billy Graham, Mad Dog Vachon and especially hulk Hogan. Hogan may had been a complete fraud in real life, but being a child and being that the business was closed about it being fixed and scripted; I didn't know. And of course the biggest "bad guys" were Sheik Adnan Al Kasie (who like Hogan was the exact opposite in real life, except he is a good man) Bobby Heenan, Nick Bockwinkel, Ivan Koloff, the Iron Sheik and future MN Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura. One Jesse memory I will share, and use as the explanation of the headline.

On the weekly show Jesse Ventura and fellow heel (code for "bad guy")Mr. Saito were teamed up against career jobber (meaning he never won) Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay and Baron Von Rasche. Near the end, Jesse and Saito had Kenny Jay tied up, upside down in their corner and took turns stomping a mudhole in Jay. Now according to wrestling "rules" they had until a five count to stop or be disqualified. Right before the five count they'd tag the other in thus breaking the count and exchanging their role as the "legal man" and thus not being disqualified. They were following the letter of the law, but they were also supposed to let Jay out of the corner. So after about 2-3 minutes of this, Baron Von Rasche, having enough, storms in and starts beating the crap out of both Jesse and Saito (called a "hot tag" in the business, just without the tag) rescuing his partner. Now the Baron wasn't the "legal man" and therefore wasn't supposed to be in the ring, but monkey see; monkey do. So the Baron puts Jesse in "The Claw" (also one of the most fake moves of all time, the TW actually thinks it feels good) and Jesse sells it (meaning he acted like it hurt) and Mr. Saito somehow found a board of wood and hits the Baron over the head with it. Then both Jesse and Saito put the boots to the Baron until more referees and AWA officials break it up.

Immediately after this, the interviewer (I forget who) approaches them with mic in hand and the first thing Jesse exclaims is, "WE DIDN'T BREAK ANY RULES!" He then goes on about how they broke the five count and legally tagged in and out, all the while the crowd is booing. It didn't dawn on them how they were illegally keeping Jay tied upside down in their corner and not letting the referee let him out. A common trait among bad guy wrestlers is that they were sociopaths. They believed themselves to be infallible, felt justified in cheating and seriously hurting their opponents, claimed the good guy had no right to win, and when called out on it, told the interviewer that they were either blind, stupid, or discriminating against them.

Does this sound familiar? I see this wherever Leftists congregate. I saw it in Madison, I saw it in the Occupiers and I see it again at the State Capital in Michigan. These union thugs don't care about rights, they only care about continuing their money laundering scam for the Democrats. The Left says that the TW can choose kill our baby (she's not pregnant, just an allegory) but not choose to not be in a union. Just like with bad guy wrestlers, you couldn't reason with them. The only way to deal with them was to fight them and beat them. The fight is on!"

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