Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alex Jones: You're not helping

I've never heard of Alex Jones, but he obviously, like me and other Constitution loving people, supports our right to have means of defending ourselves from a tyrannical government and those who would try to hurt us. Piers Morgan doesn't support our Constitution, and is openly hostile to it and most of the freedoms we are guaranteed buy it. The word around the campfire is that he's over here because the English are sick of him. Well why stop with the 2nd Amendment? How about taking away our Right to Free Speech and Habeus corpus?

Back to Alex Jones. The place where he lost me was "1776 WILL HAPPEN AGAIN..." You probably noticed from watching the clip that Piers was just sitting there while Jones was bellowing like a pro wrestler on crack. Alex Jones did a big favor for gun-grabbers. This could not have gone better if Piers Morgan had hired an actor to do this for him. Now, thanks to over emotionally involved Alex Jones, ordinary low-information sheep/people are going to look at Alex Jones and sign away our rights.

Go on Youtube and watch Ted Nugent and Jesse Ventura do a much better job. Now if you think the way to act is to be like either Piers Morgan, or Alex Jones: I have no use for you.


1389 said...

Alex Jones has a reputation for being a crackpot. While there are some genuine conspiracies out there, he sees them everywhere, and his fact-checking is rather loose.

You're right - he's a bad choice for spokesman.

Anonymous said...

I think he's part of the program to discredit the patriots to be honest. Don't trust him at all.