Saturday, January 12, 2013

I like Copts.

I like Copts, their Church and everything they do; with the exception of being Non-Chalcedonian. They are some of the sweetest people I've ever met and I pray for their deliverance. It breaks my heart to see such cruelty done to them. Ecumenism isn't a bad word when it's real ecumenism. Copts are always welcome in this blog, and in my section of the Church where ever I'm standing, and to my beer.

Journey To Orthodoxy: When Ecumenism Is Not A Bad Word

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Nathan Lee Lewis said...

Amen. The Copts I have met, go out of their way to show love toward me. They invite me to their places of worship, treat me as their friend. Most of all, there is no suspension in their demeanor and the joy of the Lord is in their eyes. Unfortunately, I have rarely been able to make this comment about my initial meeting of those in other Orthodox communions. Seems you have to prove yourself somehow, and once you are with them it is all about what you are doing wrong, and you are always suspect. What's up with that? Since Christ dined with the publicans and sinners, can I not at least dine with these "fake Christians" who at least attempt to practice Christian charity?