Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Atkins diet and Orthodoxy

Though I'm in really good shape thanks to the American Shorin Ryu Federation I still have some chub in the abdomen that not even 120 sit-ups a night (twice a week during an intense cardio workout) would erase. My returning to school to get retrained has cut down in my karate training. During Lents I usually put myself and the TW on a fruit/smoothie diet. This time we're trying the Atkins Diet which means for the induction period (at least two weeks) you completely erase carbohydrates from your diet and don't even touch bread. This also means i have all this beer and wine that isn't getting drunk, and today a coworker bought us all doughnuts at the spa, and I didn't have one. That's impossible at Church. The Eucharist is always bread and wine, which are two things you avoid in the Atkins diet. Great Lent is coming and that's makes it even more difficult. By then we'll be past the induction period and may or may not get our protein from Fast approved sources. It depends on how we're looking. This just reaffirms what I've always known about Orthodoxy: nothing is ever easy.

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