Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You didn't read the code

First of all, it isn't exactly a National Secret who I am. About 15 people already do, and I usually tell people when I meet them when the subject of blogs come up. Therefore you may stop patting yourselves on the back. It's not like I am clergy or in a position with any Church either. You think I can't speak my mind to people's face? That's the way I prefer to do. EVERYBODY who meets me knows where I stand. I am not officially in any jurisdiction either. Second, I don't read my own blog. I have a life. That's why I didn't notice all the vitriol and idle talk in the comments section which have all been deleted. That's also why it "took me so long" to delete them. I don't read other blogs that much either, therefore I don't know about this prophet stuff. If you have a problem with someone, I suggest you take it up with them and not here. I am not interested in this idle talk. That's why this blog sucks. I just post things that interest me. Fighting on the internet with self-appointed "Defenders of the Faith" who attack anyone who sins against them whom I neither know, nor want to know, does not interest me. Third, from now on, NOBODY will be allowed to comment unless I will it. Who reads this blog anyway?

I will go unto the altar of the Lord.

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