Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring Semster 2013

Monday I'm back in school getting trained in something to do with the legal profession, and that means my blogging will be sporadic, and brief. If I find a good beer, see a movie or TV show, attend a service, or have anything to share; I will.

There will also be some gradual changes in this blog, due to they trying to get me to pursue Holy Orders in the Western Rite Vicarite. If I'm feeling suicidal I'll go through with it. That would make me an even bigger target. I'm already one for being an Orthodox Christian who opposes the immorality of Leftism and Statism, in a country that steadily embraces both and discards the Constitution and Judeo-Christian values upon which it was based; I'm one also for being a Libertarian; I'm a target for pointing out the blatant inconsistencies of bishops of World Orthodoxy and Imperial Orthodox (the biggest vitriol I usually get from the "Official Orthodox"; and I'd be another if I were a Western Vicarite clergyman in the territory of a certain bishop who is hostile to it (that IS putting it mildly). That wouldn't be for a few years, and who knows? I did pray for that bishop when I got to see the Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Theotokos; so maybe Our Lady may melt his heart. I really don't know what he and people like him are so afraid of.

So there may be pictures too of my various adventures and of people I've met and things I've seen. I have this blog mainly for informational purposes, and something in my spare-time, which will be nill for the next four months. I suggest you frequent much better blogs like Monomakhos, Byzantine ,TX and such. Or if this stops being fun, I'll just S-can it.

Oh, I just took the time to read the blogs of some people I respect: one in particular of a fellow former Antiochian who left for Old Calendarism (I am loathe to use "True Orthodoxy" because I consider myself a True Orthodox in that I do what I'm supposed to do and reject ecumenism, the WCC, Christmation only and the widespread corruption in so many World Orthodox jurisdictions I could mention...not that there aren't problems in the Old Calendarists either) and maybe I haven't seen the articles, but I fail to see any claims of being a prophet, other than a cartoon. I also don't care. I also don't see any vitriol and idle talk on his part. What do I see is self-appointed "Defenders of Orthodoxy" personally attacking him, his family, and engaging in unchristian, unkind, and petty name-calling INSTEAD OF refuting what he writes. Yes jurisdiction hopping can be a symptom of a greater problem (see Gregory George). But then again I've been part of many jurisdictions myself: the unorthodox one in which I was raised; then Antioch at home, Bulgaria at the mum-in-laws; then OCA on a trial basis at home, ROCOR at the mum-in-laws (had no choice-my Hieromonk got deposed over something LONG ago and had already repented of); and now mostly ROCOR WRV at home with once a month visits to OCA, and ROCOR at mum-in-laws. I don't officially belong anywhere. I am officially NOT in Antioch or Bulgaria (due to something I didn't do). If I'm not dealing with crooks, I'm dealing with either former communist agents or western rite detractors. I don't know my friend's situation; maybe he had to deal with logistics. But I'll repeat what I just said on his blog: If the way people treat him on his blog is their idea of being an Orthodox Christian; I don't want to be one.

Oh, and anyone who would spend 10 seconds of their time to find out who I am has no life.